Please prepare the following.

■ Wi-Fi environment (2.4GHz band / uplink 10Mbps).To use toletta®, you need to be "always connected to Wi-Fi".
* Mobile Wi-Fi and free Wi-Fi are not recommended.
* Wi-Fi authentication methods "WPA-PSK", "WPA / WPA2 mixed mode" and "WEP (128 / 64bit)" are not supported.
* If your Wi-Fi router is in stealth mode, you need to turn it off.
■ Household power supply (AC120V)
■ Prepare to replace all cat litter boxes in your home with toletta®
* Because the amount of urine and the frequency of urine will not be accumulated to toletta® if your cats pee in other litter box.
■ Space to place toletta®
・Wider than the size of the litter box body itself (width 43.6 x depth 54.8 x height 30.3 cm(17.16 x 21.57 x 11.81 inches)).
・Place toletta® to avoid direct sunlight or spotlights (because it may affect the shooting of videos and photos).
・Placing toletta® inside the cage may affect the measurement, so please place it outside the cage.
■ Cat litter scoop (not attached so please purchase a commercial product)
■ Absorption pad (commercial product that fits in the urine tray 42 cm long × 29 cm wide) is available.(16.53 x 11.41 inches)
* Recommended commercial product: Tidy Cats® BREEZE® Cat Pads

■ Compatible litter with system litter box
* "Non-clumping / non-crumble / non-absorbing" litter.
* Recommended commercial product: Tidy Cats® BREEZE® Cat Litter Pellets

■ Smartphone
* Please check the information in the app store for the supported OS versions.
* HUAWEI models may not be available.

Please note the following points to ensure stable data measurement.
- Wider than the size of the litter box body itself (width 43.6 cm x depth 54.8 cm x height 30.3 cm). (17.16 x 21.57 x 11.81 inches)
- Place Toletta to avoid direct sunlight or spotlights.
- Placing Toletta inside the cage may affect the measurement, so please place it outside the cage.

Yes, you can manage data for multiple cats and toletta® collectively.
It is possible to add cats or another toletta® while you use it.
Toletta® is equipped with a camera that uses a face recognition technology (patented) that identifies a cat's face with AI, without a collar or tag.

* For the first few days of use, learning tasks are required for the toletta® to identify cats. At first, it is necessary for you to distinguish the pictures taken by toletta® and tell the AI which is who, but once this work is done correctly, the identification will be possible.

Multiple number of toletta® can be managed by one account in toletta® app. You can integrate data for any number of toletta® in your home.

All cat litter boxes in your home must be toletta®. Otherwise Data cannot be measured accurately.
You may not find out the change of the cats data if there is a cat litter box other than toletta®, because you can not measure when the cat uses other litter box.

Yes, you can. You can add another tolettas or cats. You can use as many tolettas and cats as you want under one toletta account in one house. *After you add the cat, toletta’s facial recognition needs to restudy the face.

Cats are not good at dramatic environment changes, so we recommend that you gradually accustom your cat to toletta® and transit to toletta® completely.Try following steps to accustom your cat to toletta®.

- Put toletta® in the same place where the old one used to be.
- Some cats may not like the lighting of Toletta, so turn off the power and just put toletta until your cat get used to it.
- Put the cat on toletta® and have it smell.
- If you were using clumping litter, mix the litter that you were using with the litter that is compatible with toletta® ("Non-clumping / non-crumbling / non-absorbing"). Gradually reduce the amount of previous litter to mix, and finally use only litter that is compatible with toletta®.

Both are supported. Supported OS: AndroidTM 5.0 or later / iOS 10 or later

It cannot be used. A dedicated application for smartphones is required.

Yes you can. For example, you can share toletta® information with your family.


You can only use a credit card or debit card for the payment of the monthly plan.
■Available Card
*JCB is not available.

Debit Card : Major David Card
*Visa Debit with Sumitomo Mitsui Cash Card may not be available.

The cancellation of a contract is possible every one month.
You cannot view your cat’s data in toletta after cancel.

Services, Cat Identify

Toletta® is not a medical device, so it cannot diagnose disease. Consult a veterinarian for diagnosis.

Toletta® can identify as many cats as you like, as long as the owner can distinguish them in the photo.

There is no limit.

As long as there is only one cat registered in the app, no matter how the appearance changes, identification will not be affected. However, if multiple cats are registered, identification may be affected, so it may be necessary for the owner to tell toletta the name of each cat every time after the data is logged on the app. (You should be able to recognize each cat by the video on the App.)

We believe that some cats are not good at wearing collars and tags, and wearing collars and tags every day could be a burden to cats. This is why we chose the camera to identify each cat.

Toletta® is only sold as a model with a camera. We appreciate your understanding. It may be possible to notice an abnormal physical condition by taking a picture of cats in the litter box.

Toletta® can’t be used outside of Japan at this moment.

Exchange, Return, Malfunction

No special litter / pad is required.

It cannot be used. You can use any commercially available litter for a system litter box ("Non-clumping / Non-crumbling / Non-absorbing"). We do not recommend the small grain litter, because they tend to get stuck in the slates of the grated tray.

* Recommended commercial product: Tidy Cats® BREEZE® Cat Litter Pellets

You can use any commercial product that fits in the urine tray 42 cm long × 29 cm wide.
* Recommended commercial product: Tidy Cats® BREEZE® Cat Pads

A scoop is not included, so please prepare one by yourself.

Parts can be purchased individually. Please let us know the necessary parts using the inquiry form.

Please let us know the status of the problem using our inquiry form. We will replace it for free or for a fee.

Maintenance and care

Remove the camera unit from Toletta. The camera unit and sensor plate cannot be washed with water. Toletta can be washed with water. However, after washing Toletta with water and returning it on the sensor plate, Toletta will not measure for about 15 minutes even in case your cat enters Toletta.

Some movement will not affect the measurement unless toletta’s sensor plate is held vertically or upside down against the floor. For example, following movement won’t affect the functionality of toletta®; - Move toletta® from horizontal direction to vertical direction. - Lift and move the main body in a horizontal state to change the place a little for cleaning. However, if you need to incline the body when moving the toletta from its location, there is a possibility that the measurement sensor will malfunction.

Camera, Video, Photo

There is an LED light above the toletta®'s camera so you can see the cat in the dark. The LED light is always on.

Yes you can.

It is not possible to adjust the brightness or turn it off. The amount of light is set to recognize a cat's face even in the dark. Thank you for your understanding.


Please read here “Notes on transfer and sale/purchase of toletta” for sure.